elgin creamery company alpha hose fire company courier printing office first national bank
van de bogart's store van de bogart's and adjoining barbershop aerial view of wands glove factory 1906 wands glove factory 1909
glove factory workers 1927 glove factory 1910 wands glove factory 1915 wands glove factory
wand's glove factory candor house/hotel woolever yonkers' inn yonkers inn 1915
johnson block & mill street johnson block interior aa johnson's store 1910 main street - 1912
lower corners lower corners business blocks lower corners and alpha hose company mccarty & payne
lower corners brush & palette tavern business blocks at lower corners business blocks at lower corners
lower corners grist mill greenwich village inn & dance hall main street
1940s downtown view mccarty & payne heath coal yard post office & jennings drug store
candor house 1905 candor blanket factory hotel woolever main street north from post office
spinning wheel dinners american legion main street north from post office lower main business block